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Neighborhood Watch Update - June 2014
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Our Ward 6 Council Representative, Barbara Hoppe, Phone 573-443-5107 or ward6@gocolumbia.com

*Before you leave, lock your door, make sure the garage door closes & drive safe!*
Remember, report all suspicious activity, strange vehicles, solicitors and trespassers to the Columbia Police Department!
Emergency *911 or (non-emergency) 442-6131; Police Front Desk 874-7652

Please do everything you can to make Bluff Creek Estates the most beautiful subdivision in Columbia!
Remember too, SIGNs in the yard are not allowed! Please see restrictions for details.  
For all other questions or concerns: kbroswell@cam-columbia.com, pbess@camcolumbia.com or
Call Community Association Management (573) 499-4445
Bluff Creek Estates Home Owners, P. O. Box 1695, Columbia MO 65205-1695 
A "big thank you" for honoring the neighborhood restrictions!

Remember as property owners of Bluff Creek Estates we agreed to comply with the Covenants & Restrictions.
You can view or print them at Declaration of Restrictions.

Please remember, and take precautions to protect yourself and your property from thefts, burglaries and home invasions!
For details go to: http://crimereports.com/

"Columbia, Missouri" on YouTube, check it out!
A survey on trails by the Parks and Recreation Departmentand the MU  Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism



Sept. 25, 2013

Bluff Creek Estate Home Owner's Association Member,


Last weekend, Pat and I both drove through the neighborhood. We noticed that there are several homes with dead landscaping or trees and would like to remind homeowners that this would be a great time of the year to plant new bushes and remove/replace trees. Maintaining the landscaping helps property values as well as aesthetics, and is a part of the covenants of the association “ The Owner of each lot shall keep the lawn neat, clean and uniformly mowed and clipped to a reasonable and attractive height and shall properly maintain and replace all trees and landscaping.”


Thank you for helping keeping Bluff Creek a beautiful neighborhood.

Charley Blackmore



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Community Association Management
P.O. Box 1274
Columbia, MO 65205
(573) 499-4445 - Fax (573) 777-7297
Email: kbroswell@cam-columbia.com

To add, delete, correct or update information,
please contact Charley Blackmore, webmaster
2312 Deer Creek Ct
call: 573-442-1873
email: charley@bluffcreekestates.com

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The Bluff Creek Homes Association:

A Summary of Its Primary Covenants & Restrictions

      The Bluff Creek Homes Association has been formed both to protect architectural, aesthetic, and development standards and to create a structure for the execution of maintenance tasks normally associated with the care of the development’s “common” areas and/or elements. Such duties as lawn care, landscaping, and other normal maintenance of any grounds or structures held in common by Bluff Creek homeowners are funded with annual homeowners association fees . . . which may be adjusted in accordance with the budget projected for annual maintenance or improvements.
      Upon the purchase of a home or home site in Bluff Creek you automatically become a member of the Bluff Creek Homes Association. Each property owner is required to pay the Association an initial payment of $100.00 upon conveyance of a home site from the Developer. The amount is the same regardless of the date of closing within the calendar year. On January 1st of the first year following acquisition, the property owner is required to pay the Association an annual fee.  For 2007, the annual fee is $225.00 for regular lots, $316.00 for estate lots and varies per size for the commercial lots. Subsequent owners of units or lots conveyed by the original unit owner are responsible for payment of the annual fees thereafter. The annual fee may be increased by the Board of Directors should projected costs dictate.
    Special assessments for capital improvements may also be levied, provided the majority of each class of members votes in favor of the assessment.
      For the purposes of highlighting those covenants and restrictions pertaining to the current development status of Bluff Creek, the following regulations have been set forth:

U S E   R E S T R I C T I O N S

  1. No roomers or boarders. Unrelated adults occupying a single family home limited to three. 
  2. No sheds, posts, walls, fences, dog houses, dog pens, barns, stables, free standing garages without prior approval of the Architectural Review Committee.
  3. No exposed parking of trailers, boats, trucks, campers, inoperative vehicles, motor homes, recreational vehicles, or any vehicle not used in a conventional day-to-day mode.
  4. No exterior wiring, antennas, etc.
  5. No signs are allowed other than one professional “for sale” or “for rent” sign.
  6. No temporary structures.
  7. No storage tanks.
  8. No all-terrain vehicles permitted anywhere in the Development.
  9. No open fires or fireworks.
  10. Automobile repair or rebuilding is prohibited.

Remember to submit a request detailing your plan for any exterior changes to your home or lot to the Bluff Creek Architectural Review, P. O. Box 1695, Columbia, MO 65205-1695. Approval is required prior to installation of a fence, an addition to your home, installation of a storage shed, etc.

A complete set of covenants, restrictions and other homeowner documents is available from the Realtor or title company at closing. The information above is provided as a convenience only and is not a substitute for the actual covenants and restrictions governing Bluff Creek. Copies of bylaws, covenants and restrictions can be purchased from the association’s management company.


 Updated April 19, 2013
Bluff Creek Estates Home Owners, P. O. Box 1695, Columbia MO 65205-1695
The Board of Directors will meet:
The third Tuesday in January, April, July & October @ 6:00 PM @ CAM’s office (3700 Monterey Dr, Ste A).
The April meeting will be the Annual Meeting to be held at the Cattleman’s and it is usually on the 3rd Wednesday @ 6:00 PM.
For Neighborhood issues please contact

Community Association Management
(573) 499-4445
kbroswell@cam-columbia.com or pbess@camcolumbia.com
Our City Council Representative is Barbara Hoppe ward6@gocolumbiamo.com (573-424-9668)
This webpage is owned and maintained by me as a service to my neighbors.

Any issues with this webpage should be directed to me. Please DO NOT CONTACT Community Association Management
or other members of the Bluff Creek Estates Board of Directors about webpage issues.
To add, delete, correct or update information on this webpage please contact me.
 Charley Blackmore, webmaster
2312 Deer Creek Ct
call: 573-442-1873
email: charley@bluffcreekestates.com
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Neighborhood Association items of interest
BCE Bylaws
Bluff Creek Estates News
Board of Directors
Complete List of Covenants & Restrictions (Summary) - Print
Neighborhood News Items Past & Present

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Neighborhood News Past & Present
Burglaries & Theft
Canadian Geese (rid from your property)
Funny Money (shows up at garage sales)
Mow the GRASS!
Police warn of rise in thefts from cars
Protect Yourself Against Home Burglary
Remember there are Neighborhood Covenants
Report Street Light Outages - Click This Link
Report Problems with Streets, Sidewalks or Curbs

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Again let me remind YOU to take every precaution to protect yourself and your property at all times! And let me know anytime something occurs and you feel all of your neighbors would appreciate being warned!

Please take the following precautions to deter crime at your house:
1.  Keep cars parked in the garage overnight, when possible.
2. Keep cars locked at all times.
3. Leave outside lights on throughout the night to deter break-ins.
4. Don't leave things outside, visible and unsecured.
5. Keep garage doors closed day and night!

See this detailed list of things we can do to protect our property, our loved ones and our possessions!

Here is a tip from the Columbia Police Department.

Remember foremost, the best defense against any type of crime in our neighborhood is to get acquainted with your neighbors and lookout for each other.

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Is there property near you
where the grass is not mowed?
See Tribune article.....
Anonymous nuisance complaints about high weeds
can be made to the Columbia/Boone County Health Department
hot line at 874-7339
or send email to:

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 Charley Blackmore, webmaster
2312 Deer Creek Ct
call: 573-442-1873
email: charley@bluffcreekestates.com
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The City of Columbia observes:
New Years Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Memorial Day
July 4th Holiday
Labor Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
Refuse collection will be delayed one day after the holiday for the remainder of the week.
Trash is picked up in Bluff Creek Estates on Friday instead of Thursday following these holidays!

 Charley Blackmore, webmaster
2312 Deer Creek Ct
call: 573-442-1873
email: charley@bluffcreekestates.com
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October 11, 1992 Boone County

 9. Buildings or Uses Other Than for Residential Purposes; Noxious Activities; Miscellaneous
(c) No truck (except standard three-fourths (3/4) ton or smaller noncommercial pickup trucks) or commercial vehicle shall be parked, left stored on any Lot or street for more than an eight-hour period. No vehicle in inoperable condition or any trailer, mobile home, bus, van, camper, recreational vehicle, boat, boat trailer or other mobile apparatus of any nature or kind whatsoever (other than personal automobiles and standard ¾ ton or smaller noncommercial pickup trucks) shall be parked, left or stored on any lot or street for more than a 24-hour period except in an enclosed garage. Motorized vehicles shall not be operated on any Common Area, other than in the street.

(g)No sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on the real estate, except for one sign not more than 5 feet square, advertising the property for sale by the homeowner, realtor or builder during the construction or sale period.

11. Landscaping and Lawns.
Prior to the occupancy, and in all events within nine (9) months following commencement of construction of the residence, the Owner thereof shall sod all front lawn areas and otherwise landscape the Lot to the same standards as those generally prevailing throughout the District in accordance with plans approved by the Architectural Committee. No vegetable gardens shall be permitted. The Owner of each Lot shall keep the lawn neat, clean and uniformly mowed and clipped to a reasonable and attractive height and shall properly maintain and replace all trees and landscaping.

If you have questions please contact: charley@bluffcreekestates.com  - kbroswell@cam-columbia.com

 Charley Blackmore, webmaster
2312 Deer Creek Ct
call: 573-442-1873
email: charley@bluffcreekestates.com
Map - Contact Information-Slide Show May '06Directory- Items of InterestBoard of Directors

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Bag Voucher Distribution System
Beginning week of December 8, 2008.

The City will no longer deliver bags to resident’s yards. Look for your voucher in the mail to obtain your black trash and blue recycling bags. This new program is an effort to save cost on thousands of bags that go unused each year. You can help us reduce costs by redeeming the voucher only when you need additional bags...help us reduce our carbon footprint!

Guidelines for redeeming your vouchers:
• You will receive one voucher to redeem for black trash bags and one to redeem for blue recycling bags.
• Take your voucher to one of the local retail stores listed on the reverse side.
• You will not be charged for the bags, but you must have a voucher to receive your bags at no charge.
• Vouchers are redeemable one time only, as they are tracked by barcode and therefore can not be duplicated.
• If you need additional blue recycling bags, contact Phoenix Recycling and another voucher will be mailed to you at no cost (does not apply to black trash bags).
• You will receive vouchers each April, August and December, around the 10th of the month.

Questions about the voucher system may be directed to Phoenix Recycling at 1-800-866-3954, or Click here for link to Request Form at Phoenix Recycling if you did not receive your voucher.

Bag vouchers are redeemable at these local merchants:
• Gerbes Supermarket
1729 W. Broadway
205 E. Nifong
2900 Paris Road
• Hy-Vee, 3100 W. Broadway
• Moser’s Discount Foods, 705 Business Loop 70
• Patricia’s Foods, 900 N. Keene
• Schnuck’s Supermarket, 1400 Forum Blvd.
• Wal-Mart Supercenters
3001 W. Broadway
1201 Grindstone Parkway
415 Conley Avenue
• Westlake Ace Hardware, 1910 W. Worley
(Eastgate IGA was originally on this list, but no longer participates)

If you have questions please contact: charley@bluffcreekestates.com  - kbroswell@cam-columbia.com

 Charley Blackmore, webmaster
2312 Deer Creek Ct
call: 573-442-1873
email: charley@bluffcreekestates.com
Map - Contact Information--Slide Show May '06Directory - Items of InterestBoard of Directors

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Columbia Public Schools, a Tradition of Excellence
Residents of Bluff Creek Estates Attend the following schools:
New Haven Elementary School
3301 New Haven Road
Columbia MO 65201
Gentry Middle School
4200 Bethel Street
Columbia MO 65203
Jefferson Junior High School
713 Rogers Street
Columbia MO 65201
Rock Bridge High School
4303 South Providence Road
Columbia MO 65203
for more information:
Columbia Public Schools
1818 W. Worley Street
Columbia MO 65203 
  573- 214-3400

For information on Hickman Kewpie Alumni
Kewpie Classmates Association - www.kewpie.net
Charley Blackmore, '63 Kewpie
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Good Afternoon –


Last year’s Bluff Creek cleanup was quite a success!  In just two hours, you who volunteered collected 18 bags of trash and a car bumper from the creeks and common areas of the neighborhood.


This year the cleanup event will be held on Saturday April 13, 2013 from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.


Our volunteering will be part of the city’s annual Cleanup Columbia, a city-wide trash pickup event. 

As such, the city will be offering a picnic lunch for the volunteers after the event.


Please let me know how many tickets you would like to have. 


Here’s what to do on April 13:


1.       Come to the Cattlemen’s Association parking lot, 2306 Bluff Creek Drive at 9:00 AM Saturday April 13

2.       Choose your favorite creek or common area (trash bags will be provided)

3.       Pick up plastic, paper, cans, bottles and other litter

4.       Leave your trash bags on the nearest street or return them to the Cattlemen’s Association parking lot any time before 11:00


See you Saturday April 13!


Bill and Jan Valbracht

2803 Wild Plum Court


Bill@Valbracht.com  573.808.5554

Jan@Valbracht.com  573.355.4409


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Bluff Creek Estates Neighborhood Watch

If you have a neighbor that is a member of Neighborhood Watch but they are not receiving this news letter it is probably because I do not have a good email address for them. Please have them call me so I can update their information.  

Happy Holidays!

Officer Melvin E. Buckner
Columbia Police Department

Public Relations Unit
Office Of Neighborhood Service
Crime Free Programs Coordinator


Neighborhood Watch Newsletter, March 2014


Neighborhood Notes


City of Columbia

Department of Community Development

Office of Neighborhood Services

February 2014

Like us on Facebook 

 Follow us on Twitter





:: 573.874.7248

Cleanup Columbia will be April 12!


Cleanup Columbia, our annual city-wide trash pick up event, is coming up Saturday, April 12! Put it on your calendar now and get your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to give our city a spring cleaning.


The City of Columbia will help you find a cleanup location and provide all the supplies you need.


This year we have a special partnership with Central Community Action (CMCA) to help neighborhoods. Let us know if you are interested in helping or know of a Columbia resident who could use some extra help.


Thanks to our sponsors who have committed to date: APAC-Missouri, Inc., CenturyLink, KOMU TV-8, the Mid-Missouri CW and 102.3 BXR.


Register here



Upcoming Consolidated Plan Focus Groups


The City of Columbia is currently working on the 2015-2019 Consolidated Plan. The plan is a document required by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and outlines Columbia's community development priorities in the following 5 categories: economic development, fair housing, community facilities, neighborhood needs and affordable housing.


Several focus groups have already been held--you can find more information by going to our website. Additional focus group opportunities are listed below--please plan on attending if you are interested!


Community Facilities Focus Group:  Thursday, March 13, 2014 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 1A/iB of City Hall, 701 E. Broadway.


Neighborhood Needs Focus Group: Thursday, March 13, 2014 from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Blind Boone Center, 301 N. Providence Rd.


Homelessness Focus Group: Wednesday, March 19, 2014 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in Conference Room 1A of City Hall, 701 E. Broadway.


City Embarks on Development Code Update Project


The City of Columbia has hired Clarion Associates and Ferrell Madden LLC to prepare a comprehensive update of its land development codes, including but not limited to the Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 29) and Subdivision Regulations (Chapter 25). Current land use regulations for the downtown area may be replaced or supplemented by form-based controls that emphasize the consistency of the urban form and allow more flexible mixes of uses in that area.  All land use regulations will be integrated and illustrated to incorporate best practices, to improve user-friendliness, to guide more consistent decision-making, and to simplify administration. Once the resulting development code has been drafted, a limited revision to the existing zoning map will be completed to align with the new code. 


Now is a great time to get involved in this important project! Click here for more information and project updates.


Don't Forget to Shovel Your Sidewalks!


The City of Columbia has been working  to remind people that removing snow and ice from sidewalks is required by ordinance. Section 302.3 of the Property Maintenance Code states that all sidewalks,stairs, driveways, etc. must be maintained free from hazardous conditions. City Ordinance Section 24-12 also states that sidewalks need to be kept clear from trash, dirt, snow and ice. Door hangers are available if you are interested in distributing this information in your neighborhood.


Please be a good neighbor and remove the snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of your home. Also consider helping those in your neighborhood who have difficulty tending to their own sidewalks. ONS has shovels available for residents to borrow--just call 573.817.5050. We are also piloting an "Adopt a Sidewalk" program for snow removal. Read more here.


Residents 55 years of age or older may contact the Boone County Council on Aging (BCCA) at (573) 443-1111 to see if volunteers are available. BCCA also welcomes the help of new volunteers to serve seniors.


For more information on all things snow, please visit Comosnow.com.


Join the Neighborhood Watch Board!


Concerned about crime in your neighborhood? Interested in doing something about it? Consider becoming a part of Neighborhood Watch! There are currently openings on the Columbia Neighborhood Watch Board of Directors - if you are interested in volunteering, please send an email to col.neighwatch@gmail.com.


For more information on Neighborhood Watch, please visit their website.




Attached is information regarding Bruce Odle’s planned developed on the property north of the Cattlemen’s.  The plan includes 44 villas that are intended to be rental units.  The property is appropriately zoned for this type of development, and at this time, it is not planned to be included in the Bluff Creek Estates homeowners association.  Equipment will soon be on the property to begin development.

*See attachments ONE - TWO

Thank you,


Brandi Smith
Community Association Management

Weichert Realtors-First Tier

PO Box 1274

Columbia, MO 65203

fax 573.777.7297

From Charley Blackmore
They will be called "The Villas at Bluff Creek Estates" but this property is not in the Bluff Creeek Estates Home Owners/Neighborhood Association. Please plan to attend the Bluff Creek Estates Annual Meeting in April.


Here’s what to do on Saturday, April 12, 2014


1. Come to the Cattlemen’s Association parking lot, 2306 Bluff Creek Drive at 9:00 AM Saturday April 12
2. Choose your favorite creek or common area (trash bags will be provided)
3. Pick up plastic, paper, cans, bottles and other litter
4. Leave your trash bags on the nearest street or return them to the Cattlemen’s Association parking
    lot any time before 11:00


See you Saturday, April 12th!


Bill and Jan Valbracht
2803 Wild Plum Court


Bill@Valbracht.com  573.808.555
Jan@Valbracht.com  573.355.4409


Tips for walking at night.....

General precautions

be seen - wear reflective clothing or reflective tape on your clothes

wear a headlight or bring a flashlight

Walking at night can be a special treat as many animals not visible during the day come out when the sun goes down.

Evening walks are especially pleasant during the warmer months as temperatures are cooler making walking in the evenings very pleasant.

Of course many of our streets are well lit but you may still want to add some reflective elements to your walking garb for added visibility.





If you see anyone fishing or in our lake/pond on Lacewood, please call Columbia Police,
non emergency at 573-442-3161 and report them as a trespasser! Thank you! Charley
And THANKS to the CPD and Wendy Stokes, on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, for backing me up on our 'No Trespassing Sign'

Warnings were issued to three Sigma Chi's for fishing in our lake! Their fraternity brother, who is now a teacher told them he had caught "BIG FISH" in our lake!


Could be the future of Bluff Creek Estates.....

Any questions? Call 573-499-4445

This applies to all members of the
Bluff Creek Estates Home Owners Association